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Paste Only, No Kit!!!

Our Sugaring Paste is great for full body hair removal. You can compare to others brands Medium Firmness.

What is sugaring?:

Sugaring is an ancient Middle Eastern form of hair removal with an all natural paste made from sugar, water and lemon juice.

Benefits of Sugaring!:

~Made with natural products ie. sugar, lemon and water

~Exfoliates only the dead skin cells, unlike with waxing that removes also live skin cells

~Less pain than waxing because the hair is removed in the direction of the natural hair growth

~No chance of burning, sugaring paste is used just above room temperature.

~ Fewer ingrown hairs

~Hair can be removed at 1/8th of an inch

~Sugaring lasts 4-6 weeks depending on what stage your hair cycle is in.

Check our youtube page for sugar wax training videos.

Sugaring Paste

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