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About Us

Koko Bella Diamonds focuses on women's needs in the community. We strive to provide services to women of all ages, ethnicities and social classes. Our desire is to encourage, empower and uplift women to live life to their full potential by becoming healthy, educated, self-reliant, and productive individuals.


Koko Bella Diamonds is an organization lead by God in order for us to do His work. Our vision is to implement programs which enable women to meet their needs. These programs promote education, healthcare, physical and mental health, financial literacy, pregnancy and postpartum support.


Our program supports women of all ages who are in need of assistance through not only Columbus but throughout all of Ohio. We aim to provide counseling services, pregnancy and postpartum support, community outreach, personal care plans and much more.

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What We Do









Our Story

Koko Bella Diamonds is a women, U.S. veteran and black owned company that evolved one day as a conversation between sisters that looked at their lives and were proud to overcome obstacles in their path. During this conversation we reminisced on women that have come before us. Remembering the past, we found ourselves reflecting on one woman, our great-grandmother, Eunice V. Fouse, affectionately called “Big Mom”. As we remembered the stories she told us, our hearts were filled. Her spirit, dedication, faithfulness and nurturing spirit can only be defined as virtuous.


We the founders of Koko Bella Diamonds felt that there is a need for this type of role model for today’s women. Big Mom was a woman that endured heartache and trying times but through it all she was not broken.


What is strong, beautiful and hard to break……Diamonds! We feel that God has blessed women to be great and we desire to help all women live to their full potential. When you see a diamond in the rough you never know how beautiful it really is until you put it in a place where it can shine. That is our passion, thus Koko Bella Diamonds was designed to help diamonds shine.


-Carneka & Tiesha

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