What is sugaring?:

Sugaring is an ancient Middle Eastern form of hair removal with an all natural paste made from sugar, water and lemon juice. 


Benefits of Sugaring!: 

~Made with natural products ie. sugar, lemon and water

~Exfoliates only the dead skin cells, unlike with waxing that removes also live skin cells

~Less pain than waxing because the hair is removed in the direction of the natural hair growth

~No chance of burning, sugaring paste is used just above room tempature.

~ Fewer ingrown hairs

~Hair can be removed at 1/8th of an inch

~Sugaring lasts 4-6 weeks depending on what stage your hair cycle is in. 

~Initially we recommend sugaring appointments every 3-5 weeks to catch the next stage of hair working you toward long term, more permanent results 


Soft: Ideal for large areas such as Legs, Back, Chest and Arms (For Professional Speed Technique or Strip Use)


Medium: Ideal for Bikini, Brazilian and Face


Firm: Ideal for warm or humid climates for the Bikini, Brazilian and Face



1. Before sugaring, make sure you cleanse and dry the area to be sugared before beginning the procedure. A powder should be used to keep the area dry at all times.

2. Heat the jar in a sugaring warmer, or microwave for 10-20 second increments until you can pick up soft pliable ball of sugar in your fingertips. (Overheating will cause the ball to become too soft and will stick to your skin)

3. Glide the sugaring paste in a fluid motion in the opposite direction of hair using your fingertips. Make 1-3 passes over the area.

4. Flick the sugaring paste off of your skin in the direction of hair.


Tip: 1. If the ball of sugaring paste sticks to the skin use a wash cloth with water to remove from skin.

2. If the sugaring paste keeps getting stuck make faster passes with the sugaring paste. Use a new ball that is not overheated. Use more powder.

3. Do not go over an area more than 2-3 times or you may experience bruising.

4. Once the sugaring paste gets gooey throw away and grab a new ball.

Sugaring Paste 12oz

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